Biduum Latinum Oklahomense

Biduum Latinum Oklahomense

Biduum Latinum Oklahomense is held in alternating years with Biduum Latinum Angelopolitanum. Check back for 2017 dates!

Eligibility: You are eligible to attend this workshop if you have already learned Latin on paper and are interested in developing active command of the spoken language. Please note that Biduum is not an introductory Latin course and thus it is not for people who have no knowledge of the language. Typically, participants have completed, at a minimum, the equivalent of two years of traditional college Latin or four years of a high school Latin program. It is not necessary to have previous experience speaking Latin.

Location: The lovely Postoak Lodge & Retreat just outside Tulsa, OK.

Hodie est
ante diem x Kalendas Februarias MMDCCLXXI A.U.C.

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