Rusticatio Virginiana

Rusticationes Virginianae 2015

Rusticatio Virginiana is a full-immersion Latin workshop offering high-energy conversation exercises and readings from Latin literature. In 2015, SALVI will offer two Rusticationes--Rusticatio Tironum and Rusticatio Veteranorum--as well as Septimana Virginiana. Please check the comparison chart below to determine which program is best for you!

Rusticatio Tironum
July 6-12, 2015
This experience is aimed at relative beginners, people who have been to a Biduum Latinum or two, or anyone who has attended Rusticatio once or twice before but wants more practice. Rusticatio Tironum is a tantum Latine event and is structured to help you learn and use daily vocabulary and essential grammatical constructions. Our pedagogy is designed to be transparent so that you can turn around and use it in your own classrooms. Participants will live together, play together, even cook their own meals together. If you want to activate your spoken Latin in a beginner-friendly environment, Rusticatio Tironum is for you!
Rusticatio Veteranorum
July 13-19, 2015
If you've been to more than two Rusticationes or have been a participant in the various conventicula offered in America and elsewhere, consider attending Rusticatio Veteranorum. The structure and rhythm of each day recall Rusticatio Tironum, but you can take more control of your own learning, since sessions are less structured and more open to questions and discussions. Readings are treated in greater depth, and speaking activities build on already acquired vocabulary to explore different types of discourse--talking about hypotheticals, expressing emotion, communicating in different registers, and more. There are optional writing activities, and participants may share their own interests by offering eligenda (optional activities) during the week. If you've got some experience speaking, are comfortable with daily vocabulary, and want to reach the next level of active Latin mastery, Rusticatio Veteranorum is for you!
Septimana Virginiana
June 28 - July 5, 2015
We call this our graduate course in active Latin. While participants will take classes together and learn together, the structure of Septimana Virginiana emphasizes freedom and flexibility. Expect discussions to begin with topics from readings and veer off into whatever direction your mood or interest takes them. Participants will have opportunities to explore (Latine scilicet) the history and natural wonder of the area around Charles Town. Septimana Virginiana will also include composition exercises and a variety of lectures from expert speakers. If you've been to a number of conventicula or Rusticationes, and you want to push yourself farther than you've ever been before, then Septimana Virginiana is for you!
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