FLASH Program Update!  June 24, 2017
Alexis Hellmer of Studium Angelopolitanum (Puebla, Mexico) will be joining us as a featured speaker in Latin.  SALVI’s Elliott “Elias” Goodman will also be sharing unpublished results of his National Latin Survey, recently concluded under the aegis of Columbia University Teachers’ College.

Program Update!  June 9, 2017
Professor Fred Ahl of Cornell University will be joining our celebration and speaking to us about the importance of “Defibrillating the Classics” through the active use of Latin (and Greek) in teaching!   Fred was a member of the Incorporating Board of SALVI way back in October 1996 and has remained a friend ever since.  A forty-year veteran of college Greek and Latin teaching, Fred is one of the forerunners and patres conditores of the Living Latin movement in the United States.  We can’t wait to hear his lively reminiscences and unique perspective on the ongoing battle to save our Classical heritage!  

Villa Argillamontana

Villa Argillamontana

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As our 20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend (14-16 July) draws nearer, we’re delighted to start publishing highlights of the weekend’s activities.   Check back on this page regularly for more!   Our lineup of speakers and Saturday activity leaders already numbers ten of the most creative and energetic teachers we know, including some movers and shakers of the Latin Internet.  The weekend promises to be jam-packed with adventures in what we’ve started to call “the most fun learning and the most learned fun” you’ll ever experience — appropriate for Latin-speakers in all walks of life, spot-on for teachers looking for something new for next year, and perfect for English-speaking family members and friends who want to find out what all the (Latin) fuss is about!  We’re offering both Latin and English program activities to make sure there’s always something interesting for everyone. Auricula Meme 2In addition to the WORLD PREMIERE of Auricula Meretricula… Musicula! a musical version of the classic skit all Rusticatores know and love,  table games, campfire sing-alongs, and late-night storytelling on the veranda are all on our books, plus some very special learning experiences. Here’s a look at a few of them, in their presenters’ own words: 

Anna Andresian 
Grammar Charades.  Learning a foreign language means stepping back from our native patterns of expressing meaning and learning how some other language system uses different patterns to express the same meaning. This session will be an exercise in stepping back from English grammar patterns and focusing instead on the core meanings that we convey when we communicate. We will start by learning a series of signs that can be used to represent various grammatical ideas (e.g., past tense, motion towards, possession). Once we’ve got those under our belt, we’ll divide ourselves into two teams and play at acting out & interpreting sentences expressed using the grammatical signs. Teams will have the opportunity to guess the target sentence both in Latin and in English.  (Latin and English interactive activity)

Daniel Petterson — creator of Latinitium.com
Latinitium: Cur sit, quid sit quidque futurum sit.  Maximo honori mihi est rogari ut de incepto nomine Latinitio (latinitium.com) apud rusticatores amicos hoc anno verba faciam. Etenim illud paulo post rusticationem proximam condere constitui ut studia linguae Latinae, quantum possem, promoverem atque divulgarem et discentibus aliquid subsidii afferrem. De hoc incepto deque multis et variis consiliis futuris quae ad studia litterarum Latinarum pertineant apud rusticatores dicam.  (Colloquium Latinum) 

Evan “Faber” Smith — creator of the Frustula Augustiniana blog
Membra Disiecta: De discerpendo et resarciendo giganteo Augustini Hipponensis corpore. Augustinus eis a quibus legitur nunc est cordi, nunc odio, et mihi quidem semel eo usque ventum est ut Catulli carmen Odi et amo de eo cantarem! Eorum autem non parvus est numerus qui opera Augustini, cum evolvere velint, aut rei gravitate aut eligendi quid legant difficultate numquam sumere audent. Hoc colloquium agendum de situ retiali quem condidi Frustula Augustiniana cum illos tum praecipue hos trahet in quo locos varios iucundos et vitam cotidianam tractantes ex episcopi operibus inspiciemus. (Colloquium Latinum)

Evan “Faber” Smith  
From cultures of play to cultures of extraction and back again. In this conversation, we’ll bring work from the past two decades about the history of Latin into dialogue with the work of SALVI. Scholarship to be summarized and discussed include Françoise Waquet’s Latin or the Empire of a Sign, Jürgen Leonhardt’s Latin: Story of a World Language; Nicholas Ostler’s Ad Infinitum; Joseph Farrell’s Latin Language and Latin Culture; Denis Feeney’s Beyond Greek and others. No prior knowledge of these books will be needed to participate. (English discusssion)  

Quidam Ludorum Moderatores/Partial list of Activity Leaders

  1. Diane "Diana" Anderson
  2. Anna Andresian
  3. Tony "Antonius Australianus" Gibbins
  4. Elliott "Elias" Goodman
  5. John "Ioannes Capillatus" Kuhner
  6. Daniel Pettersson
  7. Evan "Faber" Smith
  8. Tim "Timotheus" Smith
  9. Keith "Silvius" Toda
  10. John "Ioannes Iuvenalis" Young
Complete schedule and preliminary program here in English and Latine.  
More to come!  Check back on this page for continued updates!
20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend Registration on the SALVI website right here.  

Written by Nancy Llewellyn

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