Academia Aestiva Latina

Academia Aestiva Latina, Malibu, California

Hosted by the Getty Villa in Malibu, California, the Academia Aestiva Latina provides a semi-immersion opportunity for high school students. Participants will experience Latin and ancient Roman culture in the context of a reimagined Roman villa. This five-day seminar is free of charge. Teaching staff consist of experienced SALVI-affiliated Latin speakers who teach the classroom portion of the course, as well as museum educators who lead guided discussions and hands-on activities exploring works of art in the Museum’s collection and the recreated Roman architecture and gardens of the Villa site. Each day balances Latin-language learning in the classroom with active, on-site study of Roman culture in the Villa. The course is designed for students who have had at least one year of high school Latin study.
Upcoming Academiae Aestivae Latinae will be announced on this page.