We’re delighted to release our logo for this milestone event!  Get it on T-shirts and other SALVI swag at our 20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend and be the envy of your friends in the faculty workroom, grad student lounge, conferences, or anywhere Living Latin is cool.

FINAL 20th anniversary LogoAnd the number of places where it IS cool is growing by the day! Did you see the post we recently shared on the SALVI Facebook page about a Living Latin weekend at University College London?  And as long as we’re on the subject of the Living Latin cool factor, we’re both pleased and amused to report that someone who heard SALVI representatives speaking Latin at the recent International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, remarked that speaking Latin was “badass.”
We’ll take that as a compliment!
Information and registration for the 20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend right here! http://latin.org/…/20th-anniversary-celebration-program-hi…/

Written by Nancy Llewellyn

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