We are excited to announce a new Latin immersion weekend, the Biduum Georgianum, in Atlanta this year! April 6th through the 8th, we will be gathering in beautiful North Georgia for a full weekend of camaraderie, community, learning, and of course spoken Latin. The event will be held at the Twin Rivers Resort in Demorest, a wheelchair-accessible wooded retreat about an hour and a half from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Set in the woods, Twin Rivers has beautiful sylvan scenery, a river, and a lovely river walk for exploring. We will be housed in cabins in small groups, each of which offers a fireplace, a screened-in porch with rocking chairs, comfy seating in wood-paneled rooms, and a fully-furnished kitchen.

We’ll be treated to SALVI’s excellent food, as we’ll have a coqua in the kitchen, and on Saturday evening, we will celebrate our first-ever potluck dinner, as each participant groups will have the opportunity to prepare one portion of the evening meal. As it will becoming clear and dark in the evenings, we are looking forward to exploring the night sky together. Whether you’re a veteran of the SALVI community or this is your first hurrah, we hope you will join us for walks in the woods, star-gazing, potlucking, and a lot of Latin!

For more information, please visit the event page or contact Arianne Belzer at magistraespd@gmail.com.

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