GeogianumSALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum, AKA North American Institute for Living Latin) is pleased to announced the advent of Biduum Georgianum, a weekend Latin-immersion workshop! Our relaxing and exciting three-day celebration of spoken Latin will take place at Twin Rivers Resort in beautiful North Georgia.

Latin speakers will come together to speak, cook, play, and learn together, enjoy a bonfire and a saltatio, take a river walk by the Soque River, explore the outdoors, and join together in large and small group activities to further our Latin skills.

Features of this Biduum:

  • a supportive, intimidation-free environment, as always
  • total Latin immersion
  • high energy exercises and activities
  • experiencing Latin from a student’s perspective
  • opportunities to engage in meaningful discussion, both structured and freely
  • techniques you can apply in your classroom immediately
  • living daily life in Latin
  • access to ancient culture in Latin
  • readings from literature, read and presented in Latin
  • pedagogy discussions
  • games for various learning styles
  • an opportunity to cook in Latin, supported by SALVI staff
  • coming together with old friends and new, creating community together


Biduum Georgianum is for two groups of people: It is a Latin experience for experienced speakers who would like to refresh themselves and enjoy a Latin pick-me-up in an immersion environment before the bustle of the end of the school year. It also offers an abbreviated opportunity for curious speakers, or people new to spoken Latin, to dip their toes in the water without committing to a whole week. Biduum is a great introduction to what Rusticatio will be like this summer – come back and join us for that, too!

Program dates: April 6-8, 2018.
Arrival: Friday, April 6, 2:30-5:30 PM

Departure: Sunday, April 8, between noon and 3 PM

Eligibility: You are eligible to attend this workshop if you have graduated high school, are at least 18 years old, and have already learned Latin. That may mean you have only learned it on paper and want to develop an active command of spoken Latin, or that you have already been exposed to a spoken Latin experience and want to further that. Biduum is not an introductory Latin course and is not for people who have no knowledge of the language. Typically, people have completed, at a minimum, the equivalent of two years of traditional college Latin or four years of a high school Latin program. It is not necessary to have previous experience speaking Latin.

Location: We will stay and conduct sessions at the Twin Rivers Resort in Demorest, Georgia. Family-owned and family-run, it has a number of rustic details, including a wood-paneled walls, fireplaces, rocking chairs, a fire pit, and large communal gathering spaces.

Cost:  $330 per person. This is an all-inclusive price, covering two nights at Twin Rivers, five meals (dinner Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner Saturday, breakfast Monday), tuition, and instructional materials. Transportation to and from Twin Rivers is not included (although SALVI will help facilitate carpooling). Once you have been admitted as a participant, you may pay for Biduum Georgianum through PayPal using the “Buy NOw’ button below or by sending a check payable to SALVI to:

Edie Barry
SALVI Treasurer
3445 Hicks Road
Sebastopol, CA  95472

Biduum Georgianum Instructors:

John Young
Nancy Llewellyn
Evan Smith
Arianne Belzer

please fill out the form and make payment below to register for Biduum Georgianum.


Biduum Georgianum (330 USD)