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Photo of Rusticatores in Maeniano

Why donate to SALVI? Because together we’re doing the work to effectively support Latin teachers, Latin students, and the Living Latin Movement. We are a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization entirely run by volunteers. This means that 100% of your donation goes directly to the operational costs of delivering high-quality professional development for the benefit of Latin teachers, Latin students, and “Latin lovers” on three continents! Please consider making a donation and making a difference today.

Here’s what alumni of our programs say:

 “The amount one learns in a single week here is immeasurable. The teachers and participants are extremely encouraging and patient.”
 “There is no professional development more useful to teachers of Latin. The experience is profound and superlatively useful and applicable.”
 “It is wonderful to have [a teacher] who not only speaks such amazing Latin but is also first and foremost a gifted teacher/leader/mentor. I now have a lot of new ideas for making my classes more varied – I saw so many new activities that I can adapt for my own purposes.”
 “An unforgettable experience which put me in the shoes of my students and really made Latin a part of me. It truly made Latin click and brought it to life. [SALVI is] filled with inspiration, love, friendship, and learning.”

Or perhaps most eloquently: “Locus amoenissimus in quo Latinitas renascitur crescitque.”

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