SALVI just had board elections in September, and seats its new board this month.  This was one of the key things I wanted to achieve during my one-year interim presidency: a rewrite of SALVI’s bylaws, and holding elections by the new bylaws.  The result of the election are as follows:

President: Interim President John Kuhner elected to a full two-year term as President beginning October 2016.
Vice-President: John Young elected to a full two-year term as Vice-president beginning October 2016.  He replaces Interim Vice-President Anna Andresian.
Board Member: Evan Smith elected to a full two-year term on the Board of Directors beginning October 2016.  He replaces departing Board Member Heather Mulhern.
Board Member: Nancy Llewellyn reelected to the board for another two-year term beginning October 2016.

Let me give brief introductions for our two new board members:

John Young (Ioannes Iuvenalis) has been a SALVI mainstay for several years now.  He has returned multiple times to Rusticatio Virginiana and Biduum Virginianum, has taught at numerous SALVI events, and is currently serving on the Rusticatio Committee.  He is the chair of the Latin Department at Browning School in New York City.

Evan Smith (Ioannes Faber) is another constant presence at SALVI events, both as a participant and teacher, at Rusticatio Veteranorum and Biduum Virginianum.  He has in past chaired the Curriculum Committee.  He is the chair of the World Languages Department at Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C., and his teaching has been featured on our blog before.

I have been asked what it takes to get on the SALVI Board.  As you can tell from the two new members, SALVI’s board is made up of the people who are planning and teaching our programs, who believe in the work we are doing, who understand the SALVI spirit, which believes that Latin can and should be enjoyable and for all students, and who have “sweat equity” in our organization.  There is no compensation, and most of the work is bureaucratic – we have to make sure the insurance gets paid and the programs get organized and things like that – but the board does have the honor of taking responsibility for SALVI’s continued work.

Some board terms will expire every September (though often board members are reelected and no new board member is added).  New board members are nominated by existing board members.  So if you are interested in being nominated to the board, contact an existing board member.  And if you are interested in getting elected to the board, the best way is to be involved in our programming – as a participant, as a teacher, or as a planner.

If you’re interested in serving on one of SALVI’s committees, or interested in creating a new SALVI event – perhaps a Rusticatio or Biduum near you – you can send an email to, contact me (, or contact one of the other board members.

Written by John Kuhner

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