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Don’t miss out on the chance to reconnect with Rusticatio friends at the biggest party SALVI has ever thrown, with the world premiere of a brand-new all-Latin musical!  Our 20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend is just three weeks away.  Register here and secure your spot!  

Villa Argillamontana

Claymont Court, aka Villa Argillamontana, our Party headquarters

Our Celebration Weekend features all the Latin and all the fun you’d expect from a SALVI event, with an important additional feature: special activities and a warm welcome for the people closest to you who want to know what active Latin is all about because it’s important to you, even if they themselves don’t speak it yet.   Our program offers a range of activities in Latin and in English, so there’s plenty to interest and engage everybody.   If you’ve been wishing you could bring a friend or family member to a Latin event but you’ve worried that they’d feel left out, this is the perfect, positive introduction to the world of spoken Latin you’ve been waiting for!  

The gala dinner on Saturday night will feature the world premiere of an all-new musical version of the classroom skit classic Auricula Meretricula, with Latin lyrics by SALVI founder Nancy “Annula” Llewellyn and music by Joel Derfner of NYU’s musical theater program in the Tisch School of the Arts.  
Auricula Meme 2
Speakers include founding Board members Prof. Fred Ahl of Cornell and Prof. Jim Dobreff of UMass Boston, as well as international guests and SALVI friends representing some of the most vibrant, groundbreaking Latin initiatives on the Internet today, including Daniel Pettersson of Latinitium.com, Tony Gibbins of Legonium, and Gus Grissom of the Quomodo Dictur podcasts.  Gus will be podcasting directly from the festivities!  More on guests and program highlights here.  

Register today to secure your place in an event without precedent in  SALVI’s history, celebrating twenty years of Latin for the Living!  
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Written by Nancy Llewellyn

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