One of the very gratifying things is seeing new Latin programs pop up elsewhere which are not affiliated with SALVI.  I received word several months ago of a brand-new one going to occur this summer: Dr. David Noe, professor of Classics at Calvin College, and Dr. Patrick Owens are teaming up to offer a weeklong immersion course in the U.S.: Tusculum Virginianum, taking place from July 30 to August 5th.  

This program is for high-school students, currently an underserved population.  We all know that when it comes to language learning, the younger you are the better.  Tusculum Virginianum is an opportunity for teenagers to get together to study and speak Latin in a camp-like environment in the mountains of Virginia.  For more information, testimonials, and to apply, please go to David Noe’s website Latin Per Diem.  Annuat coepto!

I first met Dr. Noe (and his wonderful kids) at a weekend Latin immersion program taught by Nancy Llewellyn at the University of Michigan.  Noe has gone on to organize Bidua of his own at Calvin College (an excellent idea for Classics Departments all over the country) and elsewhere.

Dr. Owens has made a reputation for himself as one of the best young Latinists in America.  His incredible resume includes studying with Reginald Foster, Terence Tunberg, and Luigi Miraglia, and working with David Morgan and Nancy Llewellyn.  He has taught at Rusticatio, Conventiculum Kentuckiense, the Vivarium Novum, Wyoming Catholic College, Living Latin in New York City, and elsewhere.  He is the current editor of the wonderful Morgan-Owens lexicon.
A flyer for Tusculum Virginianum

A flyer for Tusculum Virginianum.

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Written by John Kuhner

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