David Morgan at Rusticatio.

David Morgan at Rusticatio.

It was four years ago, on February 6th, 2013, that David Morgan passed from our midst while awaiting a liver transplant.  He was one of the greatest Latinists in the world; and also one of the best men: humble, gentle, dedicated, learned, kind.

If you have not signed up to be an organ donor, the anniversary of his passing is an excellent time to remember to do so.  Greater availability of organs might well have given us years more with David.

Nancy Llewellyn composed a translation of “Amazing Grace,” which she dedicated to David.  This was one of David’s favorite hymns, steeped as he was in the Southern Baptist tradition.

O Mira Gratia

O mira quanta gratia
Redemit reum me.
Erranti luxit placida
Blanda mirifice.

Timori cordis tribuit
Gratum remedium.
Quam pretiosa apparuit
Credenti praemium.

Quod magna tot pericula
Iam salvus passus sum
Id Gratiae retribuam
Quae ducet me domum

Promisit bona Dominus;
Firmavit Verbo spem
Qui scutum et dispendium
sit meum dum spirem.

Et quando corpus anima
Solvetur, denuo
Post mortis iam velamina
Vitam possidebo.

Cum saecula viderimus
Ut sol splendentia
Nos modo peregerimus
Laudum initia.

For more information about David, John Kuhner’s essay about his death and Nancy Llewellyn’s eulogy are good places to start.

Written by John Kuhner

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