Rusticatio TironumRusticatio Tironum, our special week-long immersion program for people with limited experience with spoken Latin, just finished up and was a rousing success.  A great big thank you to an extraordinary group of participants and an extraordinary staff.  At SALVI we take pride in providing the safest entry into spoken Latin on the planet, and it is with great pleasure that we record some of the many extraordinary comments we got from this year’s participants.  (Different participants are separated by dashes).

By the numbers: we received 19 numerical evaluations.  On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is least recommended and 10 is vehemently recommended, Rusticatio Tironum received the following scores:

10 – 14
9 – 3
8 – 1
6 – 1

“There is so much to learn, but it is so well supported, that what seems impossible becomes not only doable, but nearly easy.”

What did you like BEST?  “The arc of the program’s curriculum. I also enjoyed participating in techniques that I already use in the classroom. It gave me additional perspective.”

Did this experience exceed, meet, or not meet your expectations?   “Exceeded beyond belief.”

“I was very nervous – but the environment was so comforable and supportive. The structure of the day was great with enough breaks and ‘otium.’ The structure of big group, small group, medium group activities also, and the addition of experienced speakers. I made more progress than I expected. I have far to go and plan to return often.”

What did you like BEST? “Everything.”

“Meals were fantastic.”

“The philosophical discussions we had in Faber’s group affected me profoundly.”

“Nancy is so amazing and John dux and all the staff – sodales, repetitores, curatores, coqui.”

“Rusticatio has changed my life – it was such an awesome experience. It not only enriched me as a person and increased my love of Latin (I didn’t know that was possible), but it gave me ideas to improve my teaching and I have taught Latin for 33 years now. Who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

“Best group of repetitores.”

“I did not expect to read as much as we did this week, which was a pleasant surprise.”

“Rusticatio tries to accommodate everybody, in skills and in interests.”

“Absolutely exceeded my expectations. The warmth and camaraderie of the staff was amazing.”

What did you like BEST? “Omnia.” What did you like LEAST? “Nihil.”


“The best thing overall about this course was the camaraderie.”

“I love the readings.”

“This experience definitely exceeded my expectations by the breadth of the conversations, the attentiveness of the teachers, sodales, and all the staff. The meals were well thought-out, prepared, and tasty.”

What did you like BEST? “The high level of the teachers.”

“I didn’t know what to expect. I supposed I didn’t expect such a breadth of Latinity; Latin could be spoken in diverse and compelling circumstances.”

“You guys are weird. This place is weird. It’s not clear what we’re doing, but, perhaps stupidly, I love it.”

“This experience most definitely exceeded my expectations. I really did not think I would be able to make it through the week. But everyone was so amicable and patient. It was a glorious week.”

“I loved our reading sessions. I never thought I would be able to follow a conversation in Latin about Latin. But I did and Thomas patiently explained matters when I did not.”

“The best thing was the kindness, the delightful kindness of everyone. And – next – how everything was put together.”

“Exceeded expectations. The kindness and efforts that were poured into our learning and living experiences made this week unique and unforgettable.”

The best thing overall was… “The passion of the people. Passion to teach, to learn, to enjoy life. It was all here.”

“I wish I had the resources to fund SALVI, so it could multiply greatly. Since I lack that, I will certainly be singing its praises to some who might.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to share this special week with so many awesome people. Latinitas is in good hands. Because I am the only Latin teacher at my school – this experience has been like rain in the desert. I am sure the blossoms will appear repeatedly from this week.”

“The kindness, patience, helpfulness, enthusiasm, and generosity of the volunteer staff was beyond expectation.”

“The location is awesome, the food was wonderful and nearly available, I love all the goofy drawings used to illustrate things. The schedule was really great with structured time and free time. I knew it would be great but I forgot how wonderful it would be to be here again inter amicos.”

“I really liked that the class exercises would lead into the readings we do in small groups. I liked how we were separated in lots of different groups so we had lots of time to talk with each other and meet each other.”

What did you like LEAST? “Leaving.”

The best thing overall was…  “The constant presence of Latin speakers willing to repeat themselves and rephrase things so I could better understand the stories, the friendship, the food, the wine, the maenianum.”

“Rusticatio is absolutely the best way to improve your understanding of and ability to speak in Latin, and you will make great friendships with wonderful colleagues at the same time.”

“The support of the staff was boundless.”

“Exceeded expectations in all ways.”

“Methods modeled could be used in the classroom easily.”

Best thing about this course was… “The friendships and collegiality.”

“I came in anxious and was pleasantly surprised at how little there was to fear.”

“The event staff has endless patience and kindness. Their willingness to teach whenever and wherever throughout the day, especially outside the classroom, is remarkable and something I hope to imitate.”

“The house reminded me of ‘Gone with the Wind.’”

The best thing overall was … “The structure and flexibility and welcoming/convivial atmosphere.”

“I never thought I could speak in Latin only for a week. Now I don’t want to leave.”

“It is very useful to learn names for everyday things. They occur in the authors, but so rarely that I never remember them. It is also helpful to see them grouped together and actually taught.”

“Tam iucundum erat iterum discipulum esse.”

The best thing overall was… “Telling stories and hearing other people’s stories.”

“The program has shown me that I can learn to speak Latin.”

[For Rusticatio Tironum Testimonials from Previous years, please visit this page.]

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