SALVI has now run five different events with the name Rusticatio, all offering a week-long environment of intensive learning and camaraderie.  Three different Rusticationes will be taking place in 2017.  Please visit the individual links for more information about each of them (nota bene: each Rusticatio has a “program page,” which is more or less constant from year to year, and an event page, with specific registration information).

1) Rusticatio Tironum (June 30 – July 6 2017) is our weeklong immersion specifically designed for people who have either never been to a Latin immersion event before or want to focus on their Latin foundations.  Each day of the program has its own theme (house, food, clothing, etc.) to give participants the vocabulary and speaking practice needed to fully participate in communal life and experience “the safest entry into spoken Latin on the planet.”  Each year some more advanced speakers also decide to attend, usually because of the event’s relaxed pace and the joy and wonder of being around people who are experiencing a SALVI event for the first time.

2) Rusticatio Omnibus (July 7 – 13, 2017) is the original Rusticatio, designed for any and all who love Latin.  All levels of conversation are represented and all are welcome, from novices to advanced speakers.  A range of activities is offered so all levels of Latin speaking are well cared for.  The curriculum varies from year to year so people can return year after year.

3) Rusticatio Veteranorum (July 18-24, 2017) is designed for more advanced speakers of Latin.  Offering more complex linguistic situations (lectures, debates, etc.) but the same camaraderie and hilarity, this event also has varying curriculum so something new is on offer each year. 

4) Pedagogy Rusticatio is not being offered in 2017.  A unique opportunity for Latin teachers to meet and engage in weeklong teacher training in an atmosphere of true collegiality and friendship, the first series of Pedagogy Rusticationes were designed to cover three pedagogical approaches which have been particularly transformative for North American Latinists: Where Are Your Keys, TPRS, and Rassias Method.  Pedagogy Rusticatio is expected to resume in 2018.  In 2017 in its place SALVI is celebrating its 20th anniversary gala.

5) Rusticatio first got its start in California as Rusticatio Californiana.  This event is not currently being offered, but if you have a good location for the next installment of Rusticatio Californiana – or one in another part of the country! – contact  We’re always looking for good places for new Latin programs.