We are ready to announce dates and summer programming at Claymont for 2017!  Our schedule at Claymont in West Virginia is as follows:

Rusticatio Tironum: June 30 – July 6.  A Rusticatio designed especially for beginners.  Led by John Kuhner (“Ioannes Capillatus”).

Rusticatio Omnibus: July 7 – 13.  The “original” Rusticatio, where a mix of beginners and comfortable speakers all share the Claymont mansion for a week.  Led by Nancy Llewellyn (“Annula”).

Special SALVI 20th Anniversary Celebration: July 14 – 16.  Save the date!  A new event for 2017, SALVI will be celebrating its own 20th anniversary and two decades of Latin immersion events with a weekend-long celebration of SALVI’s people and past.  If you’re an alumnus and want to get together with a large number of the amazing people you’ve met at SALVI events in years past, you won’t want to miss this special weekend.

Rusticatio Veteranorum: July 18 – 24.  Our Rusticatio for more advanced speakers.  Led by Justin Slocum Bailey (“Iustus”).

Since Rusticatio Tironum filled up so quickly last year, we’ve been wanting to add another Rusticatio to meet demand, and we are doing that this year: three weeklong Latin immersion programs, two of which (Rusticatio Tironum and Rusticatio Omnibus) are good places to start with Latin.

Registration is open for all events!  Click on the above links or go via our events page.


Written by John Kuhner

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