Rome in WinterSALVI is proud to announce that we are creating a new Latin-immersion weekend event in New York: Biduum Noveboracense!  Biduum Noveboracense 2017 will take place on January 13-15, 2017, which happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, so even if you’re a busy teacher, you can get in a full weekend of Latin immersion (Friday evening to Sunday lunch) and still get a day and a half of rest before returning to work.

The location for the event will be the Phoenix House at the Grail Retreat Center, in Cornwall-on-Hudson, just over an hour from New York City.  The Grail Foundation has a beautiful 47-acre property there abutting Storm King Mountain.  The house has a nice fireplace, wood-paneled rooms, and sleeps 23 of your closest Latin-speaking friends.  After the Latin immersion is over, you can visit the Storm King Art Center, an outdoor modern sculpture gallery, just minutes away.  Or if modernism is not to your taste, you can enjoy the twisty, turny roads of Storm King and magnificent views of the Hudson.  

For further information and for registration, please visit the event page here

We’ve done so many summer events, we’re excited about the possibilities winter offers.  One year at Biduum Virginianum we had extraordinarily clear night skies, and did a whole lesson on the stars and myths of the stars in Latin under a gorgeous winter night sky.  We can’t guarantee that, but after the weekend we’re pretty sure everyone involved will know the Latin for “hot chocolate,” “throw another log on the fire,” and “snowball,” and we think that’s a good thing.

Written by John Kuhner

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