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Floretne viva Latinitas apud te?

Is Latin alive in your school or community? Are you attending (or hosting!) a Cena Latina (Latin Dinner) in your area? We'd love to hear about it. Please send us photos, videos, or anything else you like, to let us know what you're doing.

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Other Full-immersion Latin Workshops

Rusticatio is by no means the only place you can go to speak Latin. There are a number of other full-immersion Latin workshops in the United States and abroad, and there might be a cena Latina, prandium Latinum, or circulus Latinus in your area. And if there isn't one, you can start your own!

Here is a list of some other workshops you can check out. This list is not exhaustive. These workshops are not associated with SALVI.

If there are other workshops we should know about, please tell us!



SAMOHI Latin Media (SLAM)

Re-live the drama of Pacifica! Approximately two hours in length, this is the best serial drama ever made in the Latin language! American teenagers, living in a California beach community, cope with difficult choices and current teen issues as they struggle to find their way in an increasingly complicated and dangerous world. Order your own DVD Boxed Set! Includes all 4 episodes, in Latin with English subtitles.

Barnabus et Bella

Samohi Latin Media Presents Barnabus & Bella!

SLAM follows up its renowned teen-drama, "Pacifica", with its 2010 production—a musical! (The film is complete with SUBTITLES for all you non-Latin speakers!)

Cena Maritima

In this video, Rivula points out the parts of the boat.

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